Zombolette is a gross zombie who woke up one day in a pool of blood with no memory of her life. Instead of looking into her past, she decides to go soul-searching to discover who she has become. Is she to be a scientist? An actress? The world’s best contortionist?? As she searches for answers, she is joined by her housemate Cameron–a giant mutant guinea-pig genetic test subject gone wrong.

An anthology of Zombolette stories and strips was published in March 2012 by Milk Shadow Books, and can be found here.

I’m currently working on a new Zombolette graphic novel, in which everybody’s (ie. me and my mum’s) favourite undead obnoxious slob faces her toughest challenge yet: zombie hipsters.

More info about my other work can be found over on my personal blog, www.scarlettebaccini.com



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